The Ultimate 21st Century Safety Features For Modern Motorists

In the good old days, car safety amounted to rubber on the wheels and a belt over your lap. Today, security is a huge deal as every car is kitted out with the latest equipment. Because there is a lot of choices, it makes it difficult to know which ones are fluff and which ones are fantastic. Let’s face it – we love gadgets even if they don’t add value. And, there are plenty which is essentially just for show.


If you take your safety on the roads seriously, then you will want the best of the best. Well, now you can if you continue reading.


Portable Starter Cables

All starter cables are portable. Good point, but the difference with the top-of-the-range ones is that they don’t need another car to generate energy. They are self-powered and can create enough volts to jump-start a dead battery. Now, you may think “why is this dangerous?” because it’s not easy to see at first. Well, the first thing is there is nothing as creepy as being all alone on a deserted road. Secondly, it’s not safe to wait by the side of the highway with cars whizzing past at 100mph. Bestek can get you up and running again in no time and back behind the safety of the wheel.



Automatic Braking

Yes, the machines are taking over and they’re doing motorists a huge solid. AEB stands for Automatic Emergency Braking, and it happens when a driver doesn’t recognize a hazard soon enough. What happens is that the system kicks in and begins to slow the car down. It doesn’t bring it to a complete stop, yet it does reduce the speed by a significant amount, enough for you to act. And, if you don’t, it’s better to crash at 30mph than it is 50mph. The rise of the robots isn’t all bad.



Car Accident Attorney

Okay, this isn’t a gadget per say, and you’ll be lucky to find a lawyer button on the dash. Still, it’s a fantastic safety feature because it brings with it consequences for a person’s actions. Consider you’ve been in a crash – you don’t want to experience another one because it’s traumatic. When you get help with a settlement and go to court, the driver at fault has to deal with paying compensation and a reprimand. The odds are high they won’t want to go through the process again either, which means the roads should be safer. One less bad driver can make a massive difference.




Unfortunately, crashes happen and there is no way to stop them altogether. All you can do is limit the damage and react when you are involved in one. Sometimes, motorists don’t have the tools to get out of a jam. For example, the vehicle can flip and crush you inside, or the seatbelt can jam. The ZTYLUS Stinger is designed with these scenarios in mind. Not only can it smash through glass and metal, but it has a blade which can rip through the belt allowing you to exit the car.

Do these sound safe? Would you buy them for your car?

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