There’s Money In Your Old Car

If you’ve made the mistake of buying a brand new car, you probably know that there’s a better deal to be made by getting a second-hand vehicle. Indeed, a used card is less likely to suffer from a rapid loss of value – within the first year on the road, which is what happens to new vehicles. However, there’s a thin line between a cost-effective second-hand car and a used vehicle that has seen better days. Not all old cars are good to keep! That’s the reason why experienced drivers try to change their car before it’s too late. Ultimately, an old vehicle might become a financial liability – the maintenance costs can get high once you reach that period of the car’s life when you need to replace major parts to keep it on the road. Additionally, the vehicle can also be a potential danger on the road – especially if you’re trying to save costs by delaying the inevitable maintenance repairs. Consequently, it’s not uncommon to come across car owners who are trying to get rid of their old vehicles. But, if you’re in the same situation, it’s important to know that even if your car has a long history, it doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. On the contrary, there’s plenty of money in an ancient model!

Rent your car for events


Don’t let it rot – sell it

The first and most obvious way to get rid of an old car is, ultimately, to sell it. Let it be someone else’s problem, as the saying goes. Admittedly, if you want to make a good deal – both for you and the buyer – you need to be clear about all known issues. Buyers who are interested in old vehicles are familiar with mechanic problems and don’t expect to find a car in a pristine condition. However, knowing what to expect can make sure that your buyer doesn’t attempt any legal actions in the future. Completing basic maintenance and cleaning should let you sell your car at a reasonable price – through a dealership, online or in person. Admittedly a good price may not be the price you want for it. But you can get in touch with a dealer to trade your old vehicle against a discount on the purchase of a new – or more recent – one. Financially, it’s a safe deal to land your next car. But if the car is damaged beyond repair, you can approach professional car part dealers. Dismantling your vehicle could be the key to make money out of it!


Your grandparents’ car in the garage is more valuable than you think

There is a palpable sentimental value in an old vehicle that used to belong to a loved one. For some families, it can  be difficult to let go of the last memory of a relative by selling their old car. But have you considered cashing in on the cherished plates instead? Indeed, some number plates that are referred to as ‘dateless number plates’ were issued without an identifying year. These are for all plates issues up to 1963 or before. The DVLA organises frequent auctions designed to sell personalised and old number plates – one auction registered a record sale of £518,000 in 2012. Essentially, a plate is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it, so it’s fair to say that if the vehicle has not be written off, you could benefit from selling the plate number.


Film crews love vintage vehicles

The Inspector Morse series was famous for its use of an old Jag Mark 2, as Morse’s car. You can still drive the very car, as it’s available for hire through a classic car rental company. Films, and period films especially – which Morse wasn’t – love to rely on real old cars. You could put your vehicle on display on a site to showcase its features and highlight its age. As rental prices are high, you’ll be in no difficulty to maintain the vehicle. When film crews are not looking for classic cars, you can still hire yours for weddings, proms, and romantic getaways.


Take it to a car rally

If your car used to be a quick model when it came out, why not make the most of its performance in a track day event? You can find plenty of rallies throughout the country, for cars of all age. Car makes from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s are often favourites in racing tracks. Registering your vehicle for a race can get you the attention and support you need to maintain it, especially if you choose to rent it to other drivers.


Could it be part of a home improvement project?

What do cars and home improvements have to do with each other? While it might sound surprising, more and more old properties are turning rusty vehicles into an outdoors work of art. Indeed, you can use the body of the car as a frame for your flower constructions in the garden, for instance. Take a look at some of these examples here. You’ll be surprised as well to know that you can sell your vehicle to your local town in connection with landscaping projects. If you’ve ever dreamed of giving your car the WOW factor, this is your best bet!


Give an exciting feel to an interior decor

Think outside the box. Maybe if the car itself isn’t worth anything, you can transform some of its elements into a new feature. Upcycling, as it is called, is an excellent way of finding new value into objects that would have, otherwise, been impractical. One of the preferred strategies is to use your car seats as part of a new interior decor – you can quickly restore the seat with this tutorial. Trendy cafes and creative agencies would be delighted to use a classic seat for their clients!

Make an armchair out of your car seat

The bottom line is that everything that’s too old for the road is not worthless. On the contrary, with the appropriate maintenance strategy, you can turn it into a profitable side hustle. And if nothing else works, you can upcycle your vehicle into something new, from a decoration landscaping frame to a funky sofa.

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