Top 5 Cars For Teen Drivers

Top 5 Cars For Teen Drivers



Buying a car can be a daunting prospect, especially when you’re a vehicle virgin. However, there are plenty of fantastic options out there for teen drivers. With a little research, driving away in a practical and stylish car that won’t break the bank is very possible.


Here are five fantastic models that are sure to make you the envy of your friends, and leave you smiling from ear to ear.


#5. Ford Focus

Let’s face it; Ford will always be one of the most important names in the motoring industry. The Focus is one its most iconic launches and the editions from 2012 to the brand new releases are a great option for teen drivers. Their safe, affordable, and boast plenty of space. With great handling and modern tech features, a Focus could follow you throughout the rest of your teens and into your early 20s. And that’s regardless of the life events that may occur.


#4. Scion tC

Appearances are an important factor for any car purchase, but especially as a teen driver. The Scion tC second generation ticks those boxes emphatically with a sporty design. The 2.5l engine is more than a lot of teen drivers need but this is a fun drive that you will never forget. Given that the first vehicle is the most memorable anyway, this can make a big difference. Oh, and if you’re worried about a lack of familiarity regarding the name, the parent company is Toyota.


#3. Honda Accord

The Honda Civic is probably a slightly better option for families. However, the Accord is an equally huge player for Honda and is particularly suited to teen drivers. Going back to a model from around 2012 will drop the price to between $10k-$15k depending on the features and condition. Aside from being a great drive and practical for school and work, the Accord looks great in a range of colors. Meanwhile, the tech gadgets are limited to simple ideas like rear cameras. This adds comfort without becoming overwhelming.


#2. Volkswagon Golf

If you have the budget for a newer version, that’s great. However, the VW Golf models of around five years of age are a great option. With a little auto repair servicing, you’ll have the compact car back to its best in no time. Without being big enough for a modern family, this is ideal for teen drivers that may have a few mates as passengers. Meanwhile, the relatively small size can be a blessing when it comes to parking. As an inexperienced driver, this has to be considered a blessing.

5 Cars For Teen Drivers



#1. Chevrolet Malibu

For most teenagers, the thought of driving a Chevrolet is little more than a fantasy. However, the Malibu gives you a chance to own a 2015 model for around $10k-$13k. The V6 engine, built-in Wi-Fi, and reliability make it a teen dream. While the older 2008-2012 generation is an option, the 2013-2015 is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. For a first ever car, this oozes class at every turn.

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