Top New Subaru Technological Advancements

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Subaru has been taking the car industry by storm over recent years. With all the new advancements they have been adding to their top models it’s no wonder they have been cleaning up at the car awards over the last few years. Here are our run down of the top new technology that Subaru is now offering their customers.


Safety Features

Subaru has been investing a lot of time into improving their bluetooth softwares in order to make their customers driving experience as safe as possible. The latest Subaru models now allow drivers to access their address book and scroll through until customers can find the correct contact all from a head touchscreen interface.

This technology is improving the safety of all Subaru drivers, so if you’re interested in the finding out more about this type of software available with Subaru, check out Subaru is one of the top brands when it comes to safety car functions and driver functions that make the driver’s experience more secure. With them producing so many new safety features, including their new and improved bluetooth functionality they are certainly a brand to keep an eye on when looking for the latest in safe driving functionality.


Starlink Infotainment System

Launched with the 2015 Outback 2.5i Limited model, the Starlink multitouch interface has really pushed Subaru’s technology to the next level. The intelligent and attractive interface control the cars myriad features and is incredibly innovative in the auto world as it takes direction from portable devices.

Other Than the volume and a couple of control knobs this new device is purely touchscreen. The multitouch interface is made up of a 7-inch touch screen and with three controls on each side. It offers a home map on one side, with the app availability on the left. The information bar, and to jump forwards and backwards, are all found on the switches to the left.

This gives the device a very sleek look and ease of usability. The home button offers access to six different main icons which makes navigating through the system really easy and simple.



The new Subaru ‘EyeSight’ technology is there to serve drivers as their second pair of eyes. It offers incredibly intelligent and responsive driver assistance using specialised features, developed by the forward thinking Subaru engineering team. The responsive cruise control feature now offers not one, but two rearview mirrors that deals with the age old driving problem of those dangerous blind spots.

The Lane Keep Assist feature ensures that you don’t start veering off into another lane without noticing. The Pre-Collision braking also pushes Subaru into the next level by warning drivers if they are in danger of hitting another vehicle. All these new features of EyeSight now come as standard features with any new model of the OUtback model.


Updated Engines

Subaru have also been spending a lot of time of the improvement of their engines. Drivers now have the choice, with some new models, of either opting for a 2.5 liter four-cylinder or a 3.6 liter six-cylinder engine with a fantastic six-speed manual functionality.

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