Want To Save Money On Your Car Costs? Don’t Fall Asleep At The Wheel!

What is your car to you? Is it a social status symbol, an alloy coated avatar of your personal and professional success? Is it your happy place, where you sit behind the wheel with a big smile on your face regardless of what pandemonium may be taking place on the roads all around you? A place where you can enjoy your favorite music, audiobooks or podcasts and have a little meditative time to yourself? Is it a trusty workhorse that houses the tools of the trade that you need to make your business thrive? Or is it simply your way of getting from A to B on time? Whatever your vehicle means to you, it’s highly unlikely that you want to spend more on keeping it running than is absolutely necessary. But perhaps the greatest threat to manageable car running costs is the apathy of its driver.

Save Money On Your Car Costs

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Very often when we (metaphorically) fall asleep at the wheel, we invite largely unnecessary costs upon ourselves. If you want to keep your car costs under control it’s time to assert yourself!


Don’t lapse into bad driving habits

We all have our bad habits both in and outside of our cars. Believe it or not, your driving style can play a huge part in determining your car running costs. Your driving style can cause you to use more fuel than you need to, place excessive wear on your brakes and cause you to burn through engine oil quicker. If your vehicle has an economy driving mode, be sure to activate it, use cruise control wherever possible, adopt a more eco-friendly driving style and try to catch yourself when you feel that you’re lapsing back into old bad habits.


Don’t let your insurance auto-renew

We tend to eschew inconvenience whenever it presents itself in our lives, but sometimes a little inconvenience can make a big saving. When the time comes to renew your car insurance, you can waste a fortune by staying with the same insurer as they will almost certainly hike up the price of renewal. Switching to an alternative provider like Metromile; see a review at https://budgetboost.co/metromile-insurance-review/ will almost certainly save you money, especially if you tend to have low mileage. It may take a few minutes to facilitate a change but the savings will be more than worth the effort.


Don’t assume that your local repair shop is cheaper than your main dealer

Although our local repair shops may be able to offer us a lower price on vehicle servicing, maintenance and repairs than your main dealer, this may be less cost-effective in the long run. Nobody knows your vehicle like its manufacturer and a combination of genuine parts and highly trained technicians can help you to get the most out of your vehicle resulting in lower long-term costs.


Get your car serviced every year, regardless of your mileage

Finally, while you may not see the point in getting your vehicle serviced every year, it’s worth noting that your oil will deteriorate over time regardless of your mileage. Thus, it’s in your best interests to take your car in for an oil change service every year. This will usually include a free inspection of your vehicle which will allow you to pre-empt any further expenses later down the line.

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