Weighing Up the Audi A1 and the Audi A3


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Upon first inspection, it is not easy to be able to spot the differences between the Audi A1 and the Audi A3. They are both compact, premium hatchback with luxurious interiors and sleek looking exteriors. Car experts and critics have given similar reviews to both models and as the price ranges are also pretty similar it is not easy to know where best to put your money. So with that in mind, we want to compare both of these models in order to go through the most important differences of these two great cars.



Looking at both models from the front, you’d be pushed to pick out too many differences. Look from the back and the side however and you will start to notice the differences in style. The A3 is longer and the A1 has more curved roof pillars. The A1 also has an option to have the roof painted in a different colour to the rest of the car, which can be an interesting style twist to this model. These are however, really the only main visual differences between these two models, so the differences in styling are subtle but not totally indistinguishable.



Audi is famous for the interior of their cars and the A1 and A3 certainly don’t disappoint on this front. They are equally as well built and stylish and classic as the more expensive A4 model. They both boats luxurious material and the layouts are simple, classy and extremely attractive. The A1 only falls short, in the interior, in terms of practicality. The A3, as it is slightly bigger has more passenger space in both the front and the back seats, meaning it is a better option for families. The A1 also has a slightly smaller boot, so families who spend a lot of time in their car may swerve more towards the practicality of the A3.


Value For Money

The Audi A1 is a little cheaper than the A3, however the A1 does come with more add-ons and additional features. If you opt for a fully kitted out A1 with a S-Line trim you will pay a premium but you will enjoy premium driveability. Perhaps you are not ready to commit to buying yet in which case we have found this at all car leasing, where you can lease an Audi A1 or a A3 on a long term basis. Leasing one of these cars could be a really good idea to get a good feel for them to see which add-ons you fancy investing in and which model best suits you and your driving needs. Both models however can be specced in SE, S-Line and Sports Trim, and as there isn’t a huge amount of difference between them in the levels of equipment within both models this is also worth bearing in mind.



The A1 has been talked about by the critics as being extremely fun to drive, nifty and due to its small size, has almost a super fun go-kart feel to it. The A3 is also a nimble little number but is a slightly more stable drive due to the longer distance between the A3 wheels. So where the A1 offers a little bit more on the fun side the A3 offers more on the side of stability and control.

Both cars are fantastic and this one will really fall down to personal preference. As they share a lot of features it is more about the subtle differences, that make each one stand apart, that will allow you to choose which one is your favourite.


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