What Makes A Good Car Brand? This Handy Buyers Guide Reveals All

You only have to look around you to realize just how many car brands there are in the world. With so many to choose from, selecting a model from one for your next car is often a difficult decision.

Are you unfamiliar with some brands? Perhaps you’re new to the automotive industry? In any case, how can you tell which car brands are the best ones that consumers will always choose? Here are some of the things that make a car marque a good one:

Car Buyers Guide

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Few recall notices

Car makers often recall models if they believe something could cause a safety issue. They usually do so in batches to avoid inundating dealers with the repair work. It’s no secret that some brands release recall notices more than others.

Sometimes the issue might be down to a particular batch of parts used in cars. After all; car makers source the parts they use from other companies. They don’t make any components themselves! But, what if the recall notices are down to poor fitment from the factory?

A good car brand is one that has few recall notices. Especially for the points I just raised about installation!

Good after-sales support

You might think that the relationship between you and your car dealer ends as soon as you leave the showroom. Of course, it still continues in various other ways. You may go back there for servicing and repairs. And to trade in your car for a new one after two or three years.

A good car brand is one that ensures its dealer network supports its customers. For instance, visit the www.mercedes-benz.inchcape.co.uk/ website. You can see how that dealership offers plenty of aftercare options for their customers.

Service takes priority over profit

It saddens me to say this, but some car brands are only interested in your money. They don’t care about offering a decent service to their customers. And that includes the quality of the vehicles they make.

Sometimes it has to take a lawsuit to have them admit when they’ve done something wrong.

Price and affordability

You might not think it, but even some of the more expensive car marques offer fantastic deals for buyers. They know that most people can’t afford to buy a car outright with cash. Instead, they offer attractive lease plans that don’t cost much each month.

When it comes to buying a car, you care about how much it will cost you each month. Some of the better car brands have offers like deposit contribution. In practice, this is where they discount the price of the car, so you have a lower deposit to pay.

Reasonable depreciation

A good car brand is also known for the resale values of its cars. In general, the better brands tend to sell cars that hold their value well in the used car market. After all; the last thing you want to do is end up with a car that’s worthless after three years!

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