What To Do If Your Girl Is Better Than You

This is a delicate situation when you realize that your girl is much better than you. Why are girls better than boys? In your case, your girl is not only an athlete, smart and beautiful but also the heart of every party. She has a great sense of humor, she loves animals, and can distinguish all the shades of grey or, maybe all the girls do it better than you.

She is way out of your league, but you should not despair. A big number of men consider that girls are better than boys because they compare themselves with wild animals, and at the same time, they think that girls are wonderful fairies who always smell good.  Do you reflect on why girls are better than boys, and you want to come close to the level of your girl? Then, this is a time of change.

  1.    Take care of your body.

It doesn’t matter whether you are skinny or fat, whether you have become a victim of McDonald’s or a wind that can lift up and carry you off, the conclusion is one, you must go to the gym. To be together with the beauty and look sharp, you must tirelessly work on your body. In addition, a good girl will always have admirers, even if she has a boyfriend. In the end, she will be pleased when her boyfriend has a body, like the ancient Greek god.

  1.    Continually evolve.

Are girls better than boys? A big part of girls is more intelligent, attractive and comprehensively developed than boys as a whole. Maybe she loves you for kindness and curls, but you have to become better. Read, learn new skills, find a hobby that you, by the way, can do together. Your girlfriend should see how you evolve because a girl always wants to have an intelligent and versatile man.

  1.    The job is your calling card.

If you are unemployed, you are unlikely to feel self-sufficient even with an ordinary girlfriend. You must have a job, doing which you can provide a family and admire your woman. An unemployed man will not feel confident, especially if he still lives at the expense of his girlfriend. Such relationship will not succeed. Think about it. Look for a job, of course, if you are not 14 years old.

  1.    Behave like a gentleman.

If you are not handsome or you suffer from a lack of charisma, you should make up shortfalls in good manners. Be a real gentleman who will protect her from all adversity, carry her over a puddle and make her feel like a real queen. You might be not a handsome man, but a worthy treatment of a woman will always be a quality that she will surely appreciate. By the way, you won’t get luck among vava brides, unless you are a true gentleman.

  1.    Take measures.

She might have fallen in love with you thanks to your refined inner world, but she hasn’t taken into account infantility and a lack of initiative. If you are next to a bright and cheerful girl, and you love her, then you should reconsider the world views. Change your life position, be more cheerful and active. Only in this case, you will have a chance to keep such a girlfriend and not to become her shadow.

  1.    Don’t ever humiliate her because of your insecurities.

If your insecurity turns into a hatred for a girlfriend, it will only mean that the girl is better than you. If a woman causes delight and a natural desire to develop, then you have chosen the right path that leads to personal growth and strong relationship. However, if you are deliberately looking for her flaws and making fun of them, joking hard at your girlfriend in a company, you cannot call yourself a man.


  1.    She likes you anyway.

Maybe you think that you are ridiculous and awkward, but you should not reflect on that every minute. Perhaps, you have something special, and she values and loves this quality. However, you should become better in other ways. So, be prepared for the fact that there is a lot of work to be done.

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