Who Are The Most Reliable Car Manufacturers?

When searching for a new car, one of the most important criteria is reliability. As car buyers, we like to know that our new motor will last for years without so much as a hiccup. There’s nothing worse than suffering the embarrassment of a motorway breakdown! And that’s before you’ve received the bill to fix the problem.

Well, we’ve got the answers to the burning question. Who, exactly, are the most reliable car manufacturers? Who makes the most reliable cars on the road? For those of you familiar with cars and technology, it will come as no surprise to see the Asian giants dominating the top five.

The ranking is based on a 2015 survey of 37 major manufacturers. The table is constructed based on likelihood of breakdown, cost of repairs, and average mileage. Although the Japanese and South Korean companies predictably top the chart, you might be surprised at worst companies.

Most Reliable Car Manufacturers

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The Most Reliable Car Manufacturers

  1. Honda – It will comes as little shock to some that Honda top the reliability index again. They regularly feature in the top five every year and their durability comes out on top again. The primary reason for Honda’s success is their incredibly low failure rate. In fact, the Honda Jazz is the most reliable car on the planet, with the lowest breakdown rate. It’s not just breakdowns, of course. Honda also provide a relatively cheap service for repairs. A combination of excellent build quality, customer service, and attention to detail puts Honda at the top.
  1. Suzuki – Just behind Honda are Japanese neighbours Suzuki. They are world renowned for their motorcycles, but they also know how to build a reliable car. Their family friendly range are incredibly resilient and cheap to repair and maintain. Everything from the small Suzuki Swift to the larger Grand Vitara and S-Cross return excellent results.
  1. Toyota – With Toyota in third place, it’s a clean sweep for the Japanese manufacturers. Toyota’s legendary Prius is ranked among the most reliable cars on the road. Thanks to its simple electric engine, it lasts longer and breaks down much less often than its competitors. The experts at Inchcape Toyota tell us they confidently offer lengthy warranties even on their used cars. Toyota have become the big name in reliable driving.
  1. Ford – Ford are the only American or European manufacturer to get a look in at the top of the table. Their exceptional build quality is easy to see in their brilliant hatchbacks and family vehicles. Ford are a name that most motorists trust, and the statistics back that up.

At the bottom – It’s a very strange story at the bottom. Surprisingly, the luxury manufacturers find themselves lumped together here. Bentley, Porsche, Jeep and Audi all make up the bottom four while Mercedes and Jaguar are also among the worst. Unfortunately, these luxury cars breakdown often, and they’re horrendously expensive to repair!

Now you know exactly what to look for when buying your next car. If reliability is your number one concern, turn to the Japanese manufacturers and avoid the luxury motors!

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