Yamaha going to launch their new bike at Rs 30,000, Project Indra

Few months ago Yamaha Motors start their new project and the name of that project in Project Indra, according to this project Yamaha Company going to produce a bike which market price is about Rs. 30,000. This bike is cheapest bike in the world and Yamaha Motor also seals this bike globally.

Yamaha Motors, project indra

About Project Indra

Project Indra will be a team of experts from company side and they work on couterparts. Some experts from japan also help in this project. Cost of this project in not unveiled yet. But at present time Yamaha supply different parts from different countries in this project and total cost of these parts in Rs. 60 cr.

If they achieve this target, then this bike going to make Dhoom in bike market globally. Yury Panteleev Head of Yamaha Motors India said that “We are developing the India business aggressively not only for the local market but to support Yamaha operations across the world”.

This bike first lunch in Japan after that it is launched in India. Launching date of this bike is not decide yet, but expected launching year of this bike is 2016-17.

Main aim of company is not only make a cheap bike but also make a bike which has good performance, style and safety. And this will be most affordable petrol bike in India.

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