Yamaha MT-09 Tracer, And Why This Should Be Your Next Bike Purchase

Are you a bit of speed demon? Then sports touring bikes are probably your thing. In that category, there is one ride that stands out above all of the rest, and that is the Yamaha MT-09 TRACER (2015-on). Read on to find out why.


This MT-09 score well here. It has a streamlined look that you would expect from a touring machine. While also looking sturdy enough to cope with the more challenging terrain, you might find yourself on.

It is made up of different models with different finishes, so it looks a lot more expensive that it actually is, as well. The adventure style handle and color suspension tube also help to give it an air of dynamism.


Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

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The true strength of the Yamaha MT-09 is its handling. For such a light bike at 190KG, it handles beautifully for the most part. Although some reviewers have mentioned that the throttle can be a little temperamental when it’s set on the highest level.

There are also comments about how this model can come a bit of cropper in high winds. Although this is a weather condition that all motorcyclists should be wary of. As it can compromise the safety of their ride due to the problems with balancing on two wheels instead of the traditional, and more stable four, we see with cars.

Of course, safety is always a big issue with any motorcycle that you chose to ride, as accidents do happen. So if you do experience an accident when riding, remember to contact a professional motorcycle injury attorney to help you deal with the fallout.


One thing that folks love about the MT-09 is its price compared to other bikes in a similar class. As you can see in this post, the MT-09 is significantly cheaper than most others, while retaining a comparable BPH. All that, and it’s one of the lightest types of this vehicle on the market too.


The MT-09 has a neat LCD screen used to display all sorts of information tidbits while you ride. You can switch from speed readout to temperature, to average mph over your journey. Which is actually pretty useful when you are touring.

Just watch out for the smaller screen on the right-hand side. As it can be pretty difficult to see when you are in motion.


Happily, the engine on the MT-09 is a triple, a C3 to be precise. This is good news for all you bike enthusiasts out there because it means you have three modes in which to ride.

The B mode is the rain mode is obviously for bad weather and wet roads. While the standard mode is for normal riding and plain sailing. By the real kicker is that there is also a sportier A mode. Which is for when you really want to let loose.

This is the mode in which you can have the most fun. As it truly reminds you why you decided to invest in a sports tourer in the first place.

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